Family Medicine Moments (formerly Thursday Morning Memo) is a weekly listserv that shares stories from the Family Medicine and Community Health community at UMass Chan Medical School that includes Fitchburg, Barre, Worcester, Lawrence and also community docs, students, residents, scribes, and graduates of our program and school. Curated by Hugh Silk, MD and Linda Cragin, MS, it is a forum to share clinical success stories, dilemmas and interesting encounters. This site, established in October 2022, is a collection of Family Medicine Moments submissions. Submissions from 2014-2020 are available in a separate archive.


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Recently Published

  • A Haiku

    Tolosky, Patrick (2022-10-13)
    I asked and you responded. Thanks to Patrick Tolosky, a PGY2 at Hahnemann Family Health Center, who wrote this brief yet telling haiku about his experience as a resident being transformed into a full-fledged primary care doctor. Two nights ago, at the Cottle lecture for the Worcester District Medical Society, I invoked Atul Gawande and challenged the audience to write something. I then mentioned that writing a 6-word story, 55-word story or a haiku is a pithy way to do this and achieve a sense of satisfaction from your musings at the end of a long clinical day. Patrick gave it a go. See what you think.
  • Our Work at Its Best

    Candib, Lucy M. (2022-10-06)
    In response to my request for you all to send me your prose, poetry, artwork, etc., Lucy Candib, long time family physician of Family Health Center for Worcester, has sent the photo below. She included these words when she sent it: I have had this photo since around 2006. I don’t know where it came from or who the doctor and patient are. To me it represents the relational quality of our work at its best. We have done some on-line searching and can't identify the subjects or the photographer. I do agree - it does show us at our best. As Ron Epstein would encourage - do some deep looking of the image. Think about what appeals to you. When was the last time you had a moment like this? Was that recent enough? How can you be sure to have this happen often enough, even in our busy schedules and lives.
  • Crying in Covid

    Kostecki, Anita (2022-06-16)
    I am grateful to Anita Kostecki coming forward with this week's piece. Anita is a graduate of the UMass Family Medicine Residency Program and now works at Boston Medical Center (BMC). She wrote this poem while participating in a Narrative Medicine faculty development course at BMC. It is raw - the way it should be. Shining a light into the darkness of how colleagues faced Covid, alone, and in very different ways depending on their race, age, job position, etc. We can temporarily avoid but we can't dismiss. We need tears, embracement, and reflection to get us through. Thanks Anita.