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About eScholarship@UMassChan


Aims and Scope

eScholarship@UMassChan is a freely available digital archive and publishing system offering worldwide access to the research, scholarly work, and expertise of the UMass Chan Medical School community. Our goal is to collect, organize, disseminate and showcase UMass Chan achievements in research and education by archiving publications, posters, presentations and other materials produced by our faculty, researchers, staff, and students in their scholarly pursuits. eScholarship@UMassChan is a service of the Lamar Soutter Library, Worcester, MA, USA; launched in 2006 as eScholarship@UMMS (ISSN 2640-0081), it was rebranded in 2021 when the University of Massachusetts Medical School became UMass Chan Medical School. In August 2022, all content in eScholarship@UMassChan moved to a new web platform, Open Repository.

Benefits of eScholarship@UMassChan

  • Free for UMass Chan faculty, staff, and students
  • Searched by Google, Google Scholar and other search engines and metadata aggregators to maximize readership and impact of your scholarship
  • Wider exposure will potentially lead to earlier and increased citation of your work
  • DOIs and Creative Commons licenses are available
  • Ability to include supplemental materials such as datasets, additional tables, spreadsheets, video files, etc.
  • Great recruitment tool for schools and departments to recruit students, faculty, researchers
  • Helps ensure long-term availability of digital materials
  • Provides a permanent link for each document and easy access to your papers
  • Managed by the Library


Policies related to DEPOSIT of materials in eScholarship@UMassChan

  • Submission Guidelines: These guidelines explain who may deposit content, eligible content, copyright, and the submission process.
  • Data Deposit Policy: This policy provides specific guidelines for depositing digital research data in eScholarship@UMassChan.
  • eScholarship@UMassChan Non-Exclusive Deposit License: In order for eScholarship to distribute your submission worldwide, you must agree to these terms.
  • Digital Collections Policy: This policy articulates the scope and selection factors for the creation, collection, organization, dissemination, and management of digital content through eScholarship@UMassChan.
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Minting Policy: This policy articulates the scope of materials that can be assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) through the Lamar Soutter Library, and the process of obtaining a DOI.
  • Digital Preservation: The repository utilizes the Amazon's Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to create permanent archives for the purpose of ensuring long-term availability and accessibility of repository content.

Policies related to USE of materials available in eScholarship@UMassChan

  • Terms of Use: The Terms of Use state the terms and conditions for using the eScholarship@UMassChan repository website.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact escholarship@umassmed.edu.